Spaces + Contract Designer v1.0


Release Date: November 1, 2022


What's new?

On the Accorded Platform, you are now able to…

  • Confidently design and compare shared upside / downside risk contracts based on projected savings for a specific population (derived from an Accorded Opportunity Forecast or manually-entered estimates).
  • Engage with a range of contract terms auto-generated by Accorded.
  • Create custom contract terms.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and customers/prospects within the app throughout contract negotiations.
  • Generate a pre-populated contract addendum to append to your standard MSA to streamline contract execution.

… all within the app!

Contract Designer - promo

Why is it important?

Contract Designer

Contract Designer provides a framework for the generation and comparison of value-based contract terms based on solution cost, savings projections, and actuarial modeling. This product builds on our existing Census-Adjusted Opportunity Forecast tooling, enabling you to design contract terms derived from credible, precise financial projections. Contract Designer supports real-time, scaled development of and iteration on value-based contract terms between providers and payers.


We are launching Contract Designer within an entirely new app framework, Spaces, built to intelligently, flexibly, and transparently guide collaboration within and between healthcare entities. We are excited to introduce more and more tooling with Spaces to power the complete value-based care contracting lifecycle.


How do I learn more or get help?

We’ve created software to tackle a time-, labor- and methodologically-intensive Actuarial process, and put it into your capable hands. You’ve got questions? We have answers. Contact us at for support.


How do I use it?


Starting November 1, 2022, Contract Designer is available to customers on the VBC Contracting Tier.

Interested in learning more about census-adjusted Contract Designer or the Accorded Platform? Talk to our in-house experts today →


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