Census-Adjusted Opportunity Forecasts

Release Date: June 17, 2022


Opportunity Forecasts empower you to clearly articulate the projected financial impact of your clinical solution. With the new census-adjustment feature, you can customize your financial forecasts according to a specific population’s demographic distribution (age, gender, geography) and size to more precisely estimate potential ROI. Additionally, a census-adjusted Opportunity Forecast allows you to achieve accuracy comparable to projections run on claims data while avoiding the use of PHI.


What's changed?

Within your Accorded Platform, you are now able to…

  • Upload and apply a census file to generate an Opportunity Forecast tailored to a specific population (vs. a national, commercial population). This is unlimited, so you can create as many census-adjusted Opportunity Forecasts as you’d like to keep up with your sales pipeline!
  • Customize base population size on national Opportunity Forecasts (based on non-adjusted IBM® MarketScan® Commercial claims data) 
  • Delete Opportunity Forecasts and Summary Views that are outdated or to which you no longer require access

We have also changed names of the following features within the Accorded Platform to better reflect their functions:

Previous Name New Name What is it?

Source Model

Solution Definition

A Solution Definition is the methodology by which Accorded translates and configures a clinical model into a financial forecast. This includes definitions of the population cohorts your solution aims to treat, benchmark definitions, service category configuration, and the engagement estimates you have defined.  

Impact Model

Opportunity Forecast

An Opportunity Forecast is the product of combining a Solution Definition, actuarial calculations, benchmark data (e.g. IBM MarketScan (can be filtered), Medicare, Medicaid) and, if applicable, population-specific data (census, specified cohort).

Configuration View

Details View

The Details View is the most granular view of an Opportunity Forecast. It includes data at the service category level for all defined condition cohorts.

Presentation View

Summary View

A Summary View is a condensed version of an Opportunity Forecast in a presentation-friendly layout. It is designed to support your Commercial teams share and communicate value and ROI to a customer, prospect, investor, etc.


Why is it important?

National Opportunity Forecast Generation

This feature affords you more autonomy and flexibility when it comes to your suite of Opportunity Forecasts. Instead of requesting that an Accorded Actuary update the base population size of a National Opportunity Forecast, you can now do so in-app (and as many times as you like!). This represents the first stage in a longer-term plan to introduce features that enhance user-driven configurability of Opportunity Forecasts.


Prior to this launch, our Opportunity Forecasts empowered you to clearly articulate the projected financial ROI of your clinical solution based on commercial benchmark data.

Introducing census-adjustment enables you to further refine and tailor your financial forecasts according to a specific population’s demographic distribution (age, gender, geography) and size.

Screenshot of census-adjusted Opportunity Forecast

We recognize that the census data you receive from a payer may not always reflect the full population your solution aims to treat. If you have an employee-only census file on-hand, our software can infer dependents so that your Opportunity Forecast reflects a more realistic and complete member population.


We hope that you are generating and sharing new Opportunity Forecasts and Summary Views often. But we recognize that may mean that certain views may become stale and clutter your experience. We’ve introduced the delete feature to help you keep track of the assets that are important, relevant and current.

Please note: You do not have to delete an Opportunity Forecast or Summary View to revoke another user’s access. You can revoke access to assets you have created within the sharing modal.



For census-adjusted Opportunity Forecasts, Accorded uses your census to construct a similar population from our benchmark datasets based on age, gender, and geography. The census-adjusted population is then used to calculate prevalence and cost metrics.


How do I learn more or get help?

We’ve created software to tackle a time-, labor- and methodologically-intensive Actuarial process, and put it into your capable hands. You’ve got questions? We have answers. Contact us at learn@accorded.com for support.


How do I use it?




This feature is available to all Core Subscription customers as of June 17, 2022.

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