Oshi Health: Actuarial Intelligence for Strong Financial Value


Oshi Health offers high-touch virtual care for digestive conditions, helping people achieve lasting symptom control. It works with employers, insurers, health systems, and community GI practices to scale access to multidisciplinary care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the lives of millions of Americans with chronic GI diseases.

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Use Case
Cost and utilization benchmarking,
Sales enablement

Translating its clinical impact into a financial model

As a multidisciplinary, virtual-first GI (gastrointestinal) provider, Oshi Health needed to articulate its impact on financial savings that better reflected their total addressable market and care delivery approach. Despite the potential for significant cost savings and improved patient outcomes, the lack of accurate claims analyses has hindered the adoption of novel, tech-enabled GI care and risk-sharing arrangements with payers.

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Actuarial intelligence to build a comprehensive financial value story

Oshi Health turned to Accorded for its actuarial and data expertise to perform service benchmarking and episode of care analyses. Oshi Health’s proprietary episode of care definitions informed custom GI population cohorts in which benchmark metrics such as prevalence and annual cost were determined.

Smooth partnerships with payers

By leveraging the episode of care model, Oshi Health has been able to demonstrate significant savings opportunities to payers through deeper-level, population-specific claims analyses for the GI population. Oshi Health highlights to payers a data-driven story about opportunities for cost reduction, while also improving GI patient outcomes. The transparent and actuarially-rigorous methodology used has helped to build trust with payers and drive adoption of its novel care delivery approaches. 

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