How Origin articulates the savings impact of its novel women’s healthcare model

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Every year, 40M women and individuals with vaginal anatomy suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. Origin is a women’s health platform for prevention and treatment of a wide range of overlooked health issues related to pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sexual health. It offers virtual and in-person PT sessions, covered by insurance and supported by proprietary exercise programs, educational content, and community experiences.

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Use Case
Cost of care impact forecasting
Sales enablement

As Origin expanded its business with commercial payers, it needed to demonstrate how its clinical model reduces cost of care. Quantifying financial value is complex and costly, traditionally warranting a team of internal or outsourced actuaries. Opting to meet this need with scalable technology, Origin utilized the Accorded Platform to credibly determine the financial impact of its clinical interventions.

Modeling a credible forecast of Origin’s impact on cost savings
Bolstered by Accorded’s analytical framework and actuarial expertise, Origin quantified and projected savings estimates for patients with maternity, pelvic floor, or musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions by building an Opportunity Forecast within the Accorded Platform. To codify the financial impact of their clinical model, the first step was to determine 1) the target patient demographic, 2) the magnitude of impact, 3) and the expected engagement rate with Accorded’s support. Analyzing claims data on pelvic floor and MSK conditions in female adults (excluding maternity) showed that with Origin’s care solution, patients with pelvic floor and MSK conditions are projected to save $3.3K and $1.5K per year respectively.

Creating opportunities from Opportunity Forecasts
Armed with the Opportunity Forecast developed with Accorded, Origin had the data to demonstrate a defensible ROI story centered around discrete outcome improvements and cost of care reductions it could offer through its solution, and engage payers in negotiating contracts. The model also informed Origin’s pricing strategy as the company continued to innovate and evolve its care offerings. By projecting the financial impact of its clinical solution, Origin is now able to articulate both clinical and financial savings outcomes that it can generate to payers.

Learn more about how Origin articulates the savings impact of its novel care model in the Case Study.

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