How Ginger models the cost of care impact of its on-demand mental healthcare with Accorded

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Ginger offers members high-quality, on-demand mental healthcare, including text-based mental health coaching, guided self-care, therapy, and psychiatry. Ginger is dedicated to delivering measurement-based care and validating its outcomes. Ginger’s improvement in outcomes drives cost impact, delivering real-world savings for Ginger customers.

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In August 2021, as Ginger merged with Headspace to meet global demand for mental healthcare, it needed a scalable solution for bearing risk amid an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Ginger partnered with Accorded to model its return on investment (ROI) for market opportunities and analyze financial outcomes for risk-based contracts.

Demonstrating value
Employers and benefits partners are looking for solutions that will tangibly improve outcomes and reduce cost. To determine and demonstrate the cost savings of its on-demand mental health system, Ginger developed a real-world cost impact model with Accorded. Ginger’s cost impact model relies on its peer-reviewed outcomes data along with claims data for 25M+ members from the Merative™ MarketScan® Commercial Claims Database. By applying Ginger’s validated clinical outcomes to commercial claims data, the cost impact model infers how much an employer may expect to save with Ginger compared to the traditional system.

The Accorded Platform leverages leading-edge actuarial and data science to translate and configure Ginger’s clinical model into financial outcomes. This layer of actuarially-rigorous forecast of Ginger’s impact on cost of care has enabled Ginger to go to market demonstrating conviction in its unique clinical model and its ability to reduce cost of care.  


“With Accorded, our marketing & sales teams have the information they need to tell a compelling, data-driven story about how we drive value for our members and customers.”

Jason Richmond
VP of Sales Solutions | Headspace Health


Building a vested relationship 
By communicating its financial value story with clients, Ginger establishes a foundation of transparency and trust from the start. Understanding that every employer is unique, Ginger customizes the projected financial impact of its care delivery model to specific member populations with Accorded's census-adjustment feature. By developing bespoke business cases, not only is Ginger providing relevant ROI information to its clients but it is also establishing a baseline for measuring continued and future impact.  

Equipped with a defensible, data-driven ROI story, Ginger’s team can go to market to win deals, dynamically price value-based contracts, and measure its clinical and financial impact, all while building a trusted partnership with their clients. Learn more about the Ginger System in its Value White Paper.

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