A Look into 2023 – from Thomas & Frank

Three years ago, we founded Accorded after experiencing firsthand the time- and labor-intensive processes payers and providers go through to implement and administer risk contracts. At Accorded, we are striving to provide all healthcare stakeholders with advanced and scalable actuarial and data capabilities to accelerate the shift to value-based care and usher in the next generation of care delivery.

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This past year, our team has made strides to make value-based contracting easier by introducing Contract Designer, which enables organizations of any size to enter into value-based arrangements regardless of their level of actuarial and data capabilities. 

With our partners and customers, we are proud to be building alignment and transparency around healthcare spend, risks, and outcomes. Technology and actuarial science enable a platform where projecting financial outcomes, building shared-risk contracts, and measuring cost of care impact become a collaborative and trusted process. 

As we enter 2023 with continued anticipation of an economic downturn, we know that total cost of care outcomes will be top of mind for many employers and payers, and value-based strategies will be a likely lever to help manage healthcare costs.

How we are supporting our customers in 2023:

For our provider and payer customers: Accorded continues to be a tech-first actuarial and data services platform. We will continue to support your value-based pricing strategies and to implement actuarial and financial analytics SaaS solutions for ongoing administration of value-based care contracts. 

For our employer customers: Through our financial ROI intelligence platform, we will continue to enable your benefits teams in forecasting and understanding cost of care outcomes in order to strengthen your purchasing power and enable value-based health benefits strategies for better cost management.

We are here to build a frictionless, sustainable value-based contracting ecosystem. The work of the year ahead will expand on efforts to alleviate the barrier of time-consuming, resource-intensive value-based contracting process. Especially for self-funded employers, who are the ideal candidates to participate in value-based partnerships, we are looking forward to supporting these employers and their provider partners on this journey.

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